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Code of Ethics


The right to dignity is the right of every person to be recognized as a human being. Respect for a person is respect for his/her humanity, will, and his/her freedom of choice and freedom of action. Respecting another person means respecting his/her values and beliefs. Violation of human dignity is a behavior that harms the physical integrity of a person, his/her sense of self-worth, humiliating behavior and contempt or behavior that harms the person’s privacy. It should be clarified that violation of the dignity of a person, whatever his status, is prohibited. Tefron Ltd. shall treat any employee with respect, and will not use corporal punishment, threats of violence or other forms of harassment, physical, sexual, psychological or verbal abuse. Company employees, subcontractors and suppliers must comply fully with all local, state and international laws, rules and regulations. Company employees, subcontractors and suppliers are required to conduct themselves according to the rules of ethics and equality.




Tefron Ltd. recognizes the workers’ right to freedom of association and the collective agreement, without punishment or intervention.



Tefron Ltd. shall not discriminate with regard to employment practices, including salaries, benefits, promotions, discipline, dismissal or retirement, on the basis of race, religion, age, nationality, social or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender, political opinions or disability.



Tefron Ltd. shall design, develop, manufacture, market and supply products that meet customer requirements and expectations. Tefron Ltd. shall create a culture of quality and will work for the involvement of employees in the processes of improving quality. Tefron Ltd implements continuous improvement processes and preventive activities in all areas of the company’s activity. Tefron Ltd. believes in focusing on the client and monitoring its satisfaction, and acts for involvement and responsibility of the management in all production and management processes.


Tefron Ltd. understands that wages are essential to the basic needs of employees. Tefron Ltd. shall comply with all relevant laws and regulations regarding wages and working hours, including those relating to minimum wage, overtime, maximum working hours, and other aspects of remuneration, and will provide the benefits required by law. In addition to the payment of regular working hours, Tefron’s employees will be compensated for overtime work as required by the local laws and as per the law in the territory in which Tefron has a production site and/or subcontractor. In addition, barring exceptional business circumstances, employees shall be entitled to at least one day of rest in each seven-day period.


Tefron Ltd. shall act to create a safe and healthy work environment for its employees in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations for the prevention of accidents and damage to health resulting from the work process, occurring during work or as a result of the operation of facilities by the employees. Tefron Ltd. shall ensure access to water installations and sanitary facilities, fire safety accessories, adequate lighting and ventilation.


Tefron Ltd. shall not employ a person in violation of the Compulsory Education Law or under the legal age for employment, in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel or in accordance with the local law in the territory in which Tefron has a production site and / or subcontractor.


Tefron Ltd. shall not use forced or compulsory labor such as prisoners. Tefron Ltd. shall not purchase products or product components from suppliers or subcontractors who use forced labor or through prisoner labor.