Manufacturing Environmental Excellence – Tefron LTD
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Manufacturing Environmental Excellence


It is no secret that the fashion industry is a major culprit when it comes to polluting our environment. That’s why we are continuously working to improve our manufacturing process and products. We want to provide our clients with higher quality products that are made with care.

Sustainability has to start with the raw materials. It’s important for us to select yarn manufacturers that share our values and produce eco-friendly yarns. This includes recycled, biobased, and biodegradable yarns.

Originally established in the Middle East, we know the effects of water scarcity driven by climate change, thus we strive to use a reduced water ratio when dyeing our fabrics.

Seamless technology is the ultimate solution for reducing fabric waste, which has a major impact on the environment. With our clients’ designs in mind, we engineer our products to minimize material waste.

Our commitment to the planet follows our products as they leave our factory. We use eco-friendly packaging and reduce our carbon emissions by merging our production sites and consolidating shipments, which minimizes the need for transportation.

We take all this steps because we believe that what makes a good garment is not only how it looks or fits on the body, but also how it is made.